Candles & Candleholders

Candles & Candleholders


Candles and candle holders have been used for thousands of years, as a source of light, ambience and decoration. Their enduring function, versatility and timeless appeal make them an essential interior design element in any space.

Modern candle holder designs

The Interconnect Candle Holder is a bold and illuminating centerpiece of exaggerated proportions. Its bold, geometric form is both a source of cozy candlelight and a sculptural addition to a living space.
The Duca Candle Holder can be adjusted in height as the candle burns. Cast in polished or bronzed brass and detailed with rattan around its lower half. This modern candle holder has a simple yet impactful mid-century design aesthetic and brings a sense of intimacy and warmth to its surroundings.

Classic candle holder designs

Wood candle holders and metal candle holders are forever modern. The mid-century modern Umanoff Candle Holder retains its illuminating visual appearance year after year, as a wooden candle holder with metal touches. The single candlelight holder design brings personality wherever it is placed.
The Kubus Candle holder is offered in a range of sizes and finishes, including the iconic Kubus 4 — imagined in 1962 and since revitalized in new metals and finishes. The geometric candle holder is a much-loved icon of Danish design thanks to its timeless, Modernist form and enduring function.

Scented candle, unscented candle and flameless candle designs

Unscented candles are ideal for use when food is being served, as they offer a warm, ambient glow without interfering with the aromas and tastes of the cuisine.
The Olfacte Scented Candle collection bathes the senses in five exquisite fragrances derived from natural essential oils. The scented candles ground, arouse and inspire both body and mind and are made from plant-based wax free from parabens and phthalates.
A flameless candle replicates the appearance and ambience of a burning candle without the open flame. The Ignus flameless candle is a beautiful and lasting alternative to traditional candles. Mimicking the flickering glow of a real candle, LED technology and battery power create soft, atmospheric light on six sculptural forms shaped from bone China with a matte finish. Each candle is dimmable to three different settings.

All candles in our collection both scented, unscented and flameless, fit perfectly to our modern candlelight holders both standing and wall mounted.