Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Elegant coffee tables

A place to rest a mug of coffee, a good book, a vase filled with flowers and even your feet, the coffee table is an indispensable furniture design in modern homes. Allowing you to feel comfortable and to have everything to hand, a modern coffee table anchors the décor of the room as a focal point. In addition to our contemporary coffee tables, we offer a selection of ottomans and poufs that do double duty as a lounge table and extra seat.

Jäger Lounge Table is an archival design from 1941. Mogens Lassen’s foldable table design is inspired by the folding stools and beds found in Tutankhamen's Egyptian tomb. Shaped from wood and detailed with brass fittings, the iconic Danish design table also features a brass plaque engraved with a unique serial number.

Marble coffee tables

The Plinth Collection is as versatile as it is timeless. The collection’s marble coffee table designs serve the dual purpose of being beautiful, sculptural pieces in their own right and highlighting whatever objects rest upon them. Available five sizes, the low rectangular table is ideal as a statement coffee table.
The Androgyne Lounge Table is a celebration of craftsmanship. Available in stone or marble, the simple silhouette and refined materials make the modern coffee table design ideal for use as both a lounge table or living room bench for piles of books or statement decorations.