Office Desks

Office Desks


The office desk is an essential element of a comfortable and productive work environment – whether in a home office or a private workspace. Our collection of tables is made not only to serve dining needs, but also office requirements. From small home office desks to spacious conference tables, each high-quality design can improve productivity while ensuring comfort when sitting for prolonged periods. Offered in a wide range of beautiful materials, our office desk design includes linoleum tabletop versions and wood options.

Audo’s Snaregade Collection offers a range of versatile tables suited to any setting and every occasion. The Snaregade Conference Table is a large rectangular table in a range of elegant materials including solid wood, wood veneer and linoleum.

The Conference table is made with workspaces in mind, the versatile office desk design features a cable tray to keep the surface free from the clutter of electrical plugs and wires. This also makes the desk suitable in the meeting room, as an office meeting table. Looking for office chairs to suit the desk. Explore our modern office chairs.


The minimalist architect designed Androgyne Dining Table does double duty as a modern desk or conference table. The rectangular table is seating up to ten people around its wood veneer top it is offered in two sizes, 210 cm and 280 cm.

The wall-mounted office desk, Rail, is neat, serene and practical, crafted in natural or stained oak and powder coated metal for a light silhouette that fits neatly into smaller spaces. With multiple functions – as a desk, counter or shelf to store books and objects, the small office desk can be hung at any height you choose and fits neatly into living areas as well as bedrooms.


The Eclipse Desk is a contemporary design ideal as a home office table or executive office desk. Its distinctive silhouette adds a sense of drama to spaces, made in solid dark-oiled oak with a gently curved tabletop fitted with a lid that lifts to reveal a hidden storage bucket in the metal column leg.

The modern desk design is equally beautiful as a stand-alone centerpiece in the middle of a room or placed up against a wall as a more conventional piece of office furniture. Its intriguing form draws the eye and invites to touch.