Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps


Whether you are looking for lighting options for the bedroom, living room, dining room or office, Audo’s collection of floor lamps combines modern good looks with expert craftsmanship, premium materials and intuitive technology.

Fitted with light-controlling dimmer switches and energy-saving LED bulbs, our modern standing lamps are ideal for creating a cosy reading nook filled with elegant task lighting or adding ambience to darker spaces. Use the floor lamps throughout your space to brighten and beautify.

Enhancing the ambiance in a room, our collection of modern floor lamps provides lighting that makes all areas of your space functional and bright. From relaxing seating areas to work-oriented task zones, there is a floor lamp design to complement every style and need.

Modern and minimalist Nordic design

The contemporary JWDA marble floor lamp is part of a collection of lighting inspired by traditional oil lamps. Crafted in contrasting materials, the modern standing lamp in marble and glass is bold yet elegant, blending seamlessly into any space. Perfect as a reading lamp to reduce eye strain or as a mood-setting design to brighten a dark corner, the modern floor lamp features a light-controlling dimmer switch.

Peek Floor Lamp is a minimalist light design ideal for use as a reading light next to an armchair or sofa or as ambient room lighting. Its slim silhouette blends seamlessly into any interior setting, wherever light is needed. The tall floor lamp is fitted with a touch sensitive dimmer button to control the light. Functional as well as beautiful, the modern standing lamp brings character to a room.

The Hashira Floor Lamp takes its cues from Japanese lanterns. Its translucent fabric shade, available in two material options, acts as a diffuser, projecting the light in multiple directions while creating cozy, glare-free ambience. The Hashira High Floor Lamp is a taller version of the same design, set on a metal frame.

With its mid-century design aesthetic, the Wing Floor Lamp adds character to any setting. The standing lamp design in polished aluminum looks to the wings of a bird for inspiration and the lampshade rotates to allow you to direct the light to where it is needed.