Moonraker Studio Audo Copenhagen

    We love the way Moonraker Studio has incorporated our timeless pieces into their work, including their latest project, Superhouse’s Bliss House in which you can see an abundance of Audo including the Androgyne Lounge Table, Androgyne Side Table, Plinth Shelf, Carrie Lamp, Hashira Pendent Lamp and more.


Tell us about one of your favorite projects where Audo was featured.

That would have to be Superhouse's Bliss House which is situated on East 68th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue in New York City and will soon open. Back in the Fall, we were lucky to learn about the history of this gilded age Italianate mansion, which was commissioned by socialite Jeanette Bliss in 1907 and evokes the grandeur of Palladio's architectural masterpieces in Venice. We'll soon bewelcoming many new faces to this historical property, where the setting has been edited to celebrate both its female-spirit and cultural heritage. For the interiors, we were inspired by local and European antiquities, crafts, ceramics and textures, such as seagrass and boucle. It was also important to us to celebrate that this home was commissioned by an independent and wealthy woman in a forgone era, and so the interiors marry gilded glamour with mid-century and contemporary decor. Our spaces showcase works by emerging and historical female creators including Sarah Sherman Samuel, Athena Calderone, and Charlotte Perriand, as well as those we discovered at Audo and Audo House including Julie Haverkamp, Sofia Tuffvasson and Danielle Siggerud. The property will fully open in the winter but will welcome its first guests as soon as this spring.

How is Audo unique from other brands?

Audo and Audo House are unique from other brands and spaces, because they offer a fully immersive range and experience that marries Danish design with beautiful materials and high-quality precision. The pieces in Audo’s collection pose unique individuality, while working together in perfect harmony and continuously inspiring designers to embrace soft minimalism.

What is your favorite Audo piece and why?

It’s difficult to choose my favorite Audo piece because I want to live at Audo House, but if I have to choose, it would be the Knitting Chair in Walnut with Sahara Sheepskin! I love its unique character, juxtaposition of hard and plush materials, and the comfort it provides. This would be closely followed by the Plinth Low, Eave Sectional, Androgyne Rectangular Dining Table, and Tearoom Lounge Chairs.

What drives your design decisions?

My design decisions are driven by quality and purpose. For our Superhouse projects, including Bliss House, we prioritize showcasing goods by female and independent creators, from paint to furniture and bedding.

Which next/new Audo piece are you excited to use in your next project? 

Bliss House will include some of Audo’s latest pieces including the Umanoff Nesting Side Table, Klampenborg Lamp, Plinth Pedestal, Collector Chandelier, Resonant Pendant and more. We know there will be many other great launches to come and hope to get a sneak peek when we're at Audo House in Copenhagen this May.

Where are you located, best place to get in touch?

Our design studio Moonraker Studio and hospitality company Superhouse are located in Soho, New York City. We love meeting new clients and collaborators who share our passion for design and hospitality.


Moonraker Studio Audo Copenhagen