Method Co. x Audo Copenhagen

    This month, we were happy to speak with interior designer, Christine Fitzpatrick, from Method Co., a Philadelphia-based company and leader in the development and operation of hospitality projects around the country. Christine has such an intentional way of incorporating Audo into her beautiful projects which you can see more of below. 


Tell us about one of your favorite projects where Audo was featured.

One of our favorite projects where we incorporated Audo was ROOST Tampa. The design features a mix of handsome warm modern elements with tactile finishes—the Offset Sofa in a rich boucle really grounds the space.

How is Audo unique from other brands?

Audo presents high quality designs that come in great shapes, are functional and add warmth to a space with their materiality.

What is your favorite Audo piece and why?

One of my favorite Audo pieces is the JWDA Floor Lamp—a warm modern design with beautiful light quality that is dimmable, and a brass dimmer dial that rolls smoothly and feels nice to the touch. It also comes at a great price point! I have specified this lamp for many projects—all with different vibes; it always slides into the mix beautifully.

How would you define your interior style, and how does Audo fit in?

My interior style is driven by materials and shapes while thinking holistically about the space. Building materiality also needs to be considered. For example, a new building that is mostly drywall, laminate floors and large windows will require soulful tactical pieces to soften the space. By contrast, an old building has the soul already baked in. A space with old floors, plaster walls and windows can support a wider range of material. Balance is everything in life and it’s important to me that the environment creates a sense of harmony.

What drives your design decisions?

I always ask myself, “What feeling are we trying to create in the space?” to start the process. Things I like to consider: the envelope of the building, the materials used both inside and out (I select organic natural materials whenever I can), the intended function of the space and of course, the budget.

Which next/new Audo piece are you excited to use in your next project? 

Method is building our second hotel in Charleston, SC where we will be specifying the Eave Sofa. As the project is a mix of old Charleston vibes and new forms, I am excited to play around with the fabric selection on such an ultra-clean shape, something to bridge modern and traditional.

Where are you located, best place to get in touch?

Method Co. is based in Philadelphia, and you can get in touch with me at cf@methodco.com.


Method Co. x Audo Copenhagen