Ateljé Nordöst & Audo

    Ateljé Nordöst translates to Atelier Northeast and is a nod to the founders’ lineage and presence in Stockholm and New York – guiding the core values reflected in their work. Specializing in interior design, branding and creative direction, studio principals Åsa Bollvik and Lotta Meynell devise original work that relies on a strong connection to place, context and experience, curating an atmosphere that resonates while leaving a conscious environmental footprint – the very foundation of their Scandinavian heritage.


How would you define your interior style, and how does Audo Copenhagen fit in?

Our work relies more on a design approach rather than an interior style and speaks to identifying and creating an ambiance tailored to each project. Our core values are rooted in Scandinavia, which is reflected in the name Ateljé Nordöst, translating to Atelier Northeast, and a nod to our aesthetical heritage and presence in both Stockholm and New York.

What drives your design decisions?

Our design decisions stem from getting a deep understanding of the end user’s personality and vision and then translating that into the environment we are working with. To ensure a design that feels authentic, we allow the backstory of a space to play a key role in developing a concept, embracing its origin and any existing architectural features, and merging that with an aesthetic that speaks to the client; all together informing the overall design solution rather than projecting a specific look

Tell us about one of your favorite projects where Audo was featured.

Our favorite and most recent residential project was a stunning Soho loft on Greene Street with incredible ceiling height and original architectural features such as ornate steel columns, solid wood flooring and grand windows that flooded the space with natural light. To balance these classical elements, we wanted to add contemporary pieces with unique silhouettes in natural materials and Audo was our obvious go to.

How is Audo unique from other brands?

The Audo pieces each embody an effortless elegance that feels new and inspirational yet classic and worthy of becoming new design icons that will never go out of style. As Scandinavian designers, we recognize the craftsmanship and attention to detail that speaks to high-end comfort, ultimately creating the sophisticated Hygge unique to Audo.

What is your favorite Audo piece and why?

We love the Audo Plinths which have a timeless yet cutting edge look that makes for a perfect statement piece in most settings without overpowering but rather supporting other key elements. The variations in size and finishes allow for creativity to come up with unique constellations for every project.

Which piece are you excited to use on our next project?

We adore the Reverse Lamp, its contrasting delicate proportions and robust materials makes for a great design piece that is both decorative and functional. The dimmable light makes it suitable for both task lighting as well as to create an ambiance in a living area or bedroom.

Where are you located, best place to get in touch?

We are based in New York City but we also do projects in Stockholm and can always be reached at hej@ateljenordost.com or on Instagram @ateljenordost


Ateljé Nordöst Audo Copenhagen

Photo Credit: Zeph Colombatto

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