From Nina Bruun’s eponymous design studio comes Epoch, a collection of functional interior objects made from natural materials.

Since starting her own design studio in 2016, Nina Bruun has barely stood still. The award-winning designer has garnered numerous design accolades – including a prestigious Red Dot Design Award. She is represented in the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and is a jury member of the German Design Counsel. And she has a string of successful designs under her belt. The latest from her hand is Epoch – a clothing rack and shelf respectively, designed exclusively for Audo.

The Epoch Collection stems from the coat rack and the idea of ​​concealing unsightly hangers and tags behind something beautiful. “I wanted to take the idea of ​​improving and beautifying a very well-known product further, developing a shelf and coat rack using a beautiful, wide band of wood. I like the idea of creating a simple form with simple functionality as simply as possible,” Nina notes.

The minimally elegant Epoch Clothes Rack and Epoch Shelf were developed and perfected gradually, at an unhurried pace that suits Bruun’s methodical nature. Characterised by soft bands of undulating wood that sit like sculptures on a wall, the Epoch Collection nods to the 1950s with its pure form, natural materials and subtle craftsmanship. Despite their differences, both shelf and rack are coherent in design and carefully sized to fit both purpose and place.

Believing clean lines, intuitive function and innate beauty as fundamental to good design, Bruun also wanted to create a lasting, high-quality object that could easily interact with other items. “These are pieces for still life displays, for everything we love to surround ourselves with – whether that’s objects or clothing. I’d like to see them used individually and hung over one other in a column-like formation. But most of all, I’d like to see them being used in personal and creative ways,” she concludes.

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