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Meira Oil Lantern

Meira Oil Lantern

Designer Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen

Inspired by ancient torches, the Meira Oil Lantern in powder-coated steel illuminates outdoor spaces as the sun sets. Designed with a refillable oil chamber, the ambient design emits a large, wide flame from its centre. The lanterns include a removable plastic cap to prevent water entering the chamber when not in use. Available in four sizes with a rust-resistant finish.

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SKU 4851539


Steel, stainless steel, silicone


5.3"H: 5.3"H, 6.3"D
5.9"H: 5.9"H, 11.8"D
14.2"H: 14.2"H, 8.3"D
20.9"H: 20.9"H, 11.8"D
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